Introduction: Mini Foldable Lego Crossbow Mk. 2

This is my first redesign of my MFLC(Mini Foldable Lego Crossbow). This one also needs inprovement, but It is designed to attach to my Hidden Blade. I find it's too bulky, and will continue to work on it.

Step 1: The Main Part

You will need two blades. If you have the piece shown, you'll have to cut the end off(or use a different blade). Do not throw away the piece you cut off, it will be usable soon... Connect the two through the shown hole(on both), and tie a knot. Note, the axle is roughly eleven studs long, and the end piece will not be on the whole way.

Step 2: The Body


Step 3: Assembly

NOTE-THE BLACK PINS SHOWN IN THE FIRST AND LAST IMAGES ARE NOT NEEDED! How to assemble. The pieces holding the two front axles aren't needed for my Hidden/Phantom Blade, so if you want to build it, keep that in mind!

Step 4: Crossbow W/ Hidden Blade

It definitely needs work because it is extremely bulky with the crossbow, but it serves it's purpose. Comment down below whatever you'd like, tips would be appreciated. I also wanted to say that the Hidden Blade was made using directions from BrickSmith, however, mine was changed so that it could attach a crossbow. You guys should definitely check him out! His Hidden Blade might use pieces you don't have, but it's not a big deal---thats kind of why mine is the way it is.