Introduction: Mini Fridge Magnets

Getting bored of pandemic situation. Here is a simple mini craft using clays which will be eye catching and easy to do on your own


Different colour clay
Foam sheets
Cardboard sheet
Different color paint
Magnet sheets

Step 1: Mini French Fries and Tray and Juice Cup

Take clay and roll it using pins. Cut it into thin stripes and paint it with yellow color.
Cut a rectangular shape cardboard sheet and paint it with red colour as shown in the picture.
Take a paste cap and clean it well. Fix the cap with polythene transparent sheet as cap with a hole in center. Cut a small wire into straw after taking inside coil. Stick a small magnet sheet behind the tray to stick on the metal objects.

Step 2: Milk Can and Egg Omlette

Cut a cardboard sheets into required shape and stick it as shown in picture. Stick white sheets on all sides and color it as per your wish . Your milk can is ready. Take white foam sheet and cut like egg white yolk. Take a small portion of clay and fix in it like yellow clay. Stick together in a small plastic tray. Egg omlette is ready. Behind the tray fix a small size magnet sheets to stick on metal objects.

Step 3: Mini Burger

Take a small portion of clay and make like a burger buns. Paint it with brown colour paint.
In the same way patties can be made and painted with dark brown colour. Using small square shaped yellow foam sheet cheese can made. If the colour is not deep we can paint it with yellow color. Using clay and green paint lettuce leaf can be made. Stick altogether using a strong glue on the tray . It will look like a burger as shown in picture

Step 4: Gift Wrap Box

Make small gift box using empty soap box or small cardboard box and wrap it with eye-catching wrapper and you can present it to your friends.

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