Introduction: Mini Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Jewelry Set

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Hi everyone!
Today I'm going to show you how to make these super cool dragon egg earrings from game of thrones!
Hope you like them!
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Step 1: Materials

For this tutorial you will need:

1. Tinfoil

2. Polymer clay- I used sculpey 3
Dark red
Dark green

3. Mica - I found mine outside but you can probably buy some online

4. Dirt- from outside or potting soil

5. White glitter

6. 3 head pins
2 earring hooks
1 necklace chain

7. An oven proof glass baking dish ( and an oven )

Step 2: Make the Base

1. To make the base, you are going to take about an inch wide of your tinfoil and roll it up into a egg shape. This is what you will put the clay on.

2. Now you are going to take your white clay. For the green egg you will mix it with a tiny bit of green so it gets a green tint. For red mix with a tiny bit of red. Mine are barely noticeable, but you can do as much as you want.

3. After, put the tinted whites on 2 of the eggs and the regular white on the last egg. This will be your base to put the scales on.

Step 3: Add Scales

1. To make the scales, start with the dark green/ red clay and pinch the end of the clay to a small point.

2. Pull off small pieces and shape into ovals.

3. Press around the top as shown in the picture.

4. Add overlapping scales going downward from those scales.

5. Continue on in this pattern.

6. Add a round scale to complete the top.

7. When you are about halfway down switch to use the light green/ red clay. For the green egg I just switched completely at the middle, but for the red one I switched slightly higher up by mixing the darker and lighter red so there was more of a gradient rather than such a quick shift. I recommend the second option, but either way or both are great.

8. Once you are almost at the bottom, stop adding scales. You are now going to take your tinted green or red clay (or just white with glitter for the white egg) and add it to the bottom of the egg so that it looks like an egg and not misshapen.

9. For the white clay add glitter to the clay and then do the same thing, just don't switch colors.

Step 4: Spiffing It Up!

1. Since in the show the eggs dusty, I wanted to add some of that dusty feel to the bottom of the egg . I did this by rubbing the bottom of some dirt to get a film of dirt. Not much stays on, but it accomplishes the dusty feel. Once you add the dirt you have to rub it around the bottom so it can be even.

2. I also wanted to add a personal touch by using some mica ( a type of mineral) to the eggs. I pulled apart the mica to get really thin pieces and then stuck them onto the eggs. For pieces that weren't sticking well I added a scale on top to hold it in place. I also added small amounts of white glitter to the red and green eggs.

3. For the white egg, I added glitter to the clay and then dipped the whole thing in white glitter to make it extra special since it didn't have a color change like the other eggs.

Step 5: Add Head Pins

1. I skewered the eggs on head pins by straightening the head pins and then sticking them through the bottom off the egg.
(For some eggs I did this first and for some after I had finished them. It does matter as long as you bake it with the head pins in. )

* Note: straightening the headpins is very important if they aren't already completely straight, because you want the headpin to come straight through the top of the egg.
I used some pliers to straighten them.

Step 6: Bake!

Bake in an oven proof glass pan at 270°F or 130°C for 15 minutes per 1/4 inch or 6 mm

Your instructions may vary based on your clay

Step 7: Make Into Earrings and a Necklace!

1. Cut the headpins and make a loop using your needle nose pliers.

2. Decide which eggs to make earrings and which to make the necklace. I decided to use the green and white ones for the earrings and the red one for the necklace. Of course if you want you can make them charms for a bracelet or necklace or whatever you wish.

3. For the earrings open the earring hooks, put the loop of the egg on, and close.

4. For the necklace just slip the loop onto the chain.

5. Wear it and feel awesome! You are now the khaleesi after all.

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