Introduction: Mini Garden Sphere

This miniature sphere holds a little garden and a convenient watering system.



-hot glue

-little pieces of lined paper

-one of those little plastic spheres that cheap toys come in

-a little funnel

-a hobby knife, or drill, or awl (I used a combination of drill and awl)

-seeds (optional, if you want you could just have a mini soil sphere)

Step 1: Drawing the Hole

Using a Permanent marker, make a little circle. Try to make it as large as the width of your funnel nose. Make sure to put it on the side that you want as the top.

Step 2: Making the Hole

Cut, drill, or stab the hole open. I made a hole with the awl and then drilled it larger but you could try cutting it with a hobby knife.

Step 3: Putting the Funnel Nose In

Try to put it in lightly, so it does not form a crack, if it does, just hot glue it closed. After you have the nose in, hot glue it in.

Step 4: Readying Both Sides

Coat the other half with wet paper. This will act as a bed. Pour your soil into the side with the paper in it.

Step 5: Completing It

Put seeds in if you have any and shut the ball. Shake it around a bit so the soil gets mixed up with the seeds.

Step 6: Watering

Whenever you need to water the garden, pour it through the funnel. Do not water it too often because there is no drainage and it will start to flood.

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