Introduction: Simple Whiteboard Cleaning Solution

If you want to make your white boards squeaky clean, and do not want to have to buy a special cleaner, use this ever-so-simple recipe!

WARNING! THIS COULD STAIN SOME WHITEBOARDS! I have cleaned many whiteboards like this and none of them have been stained after this procedure, but still be careful.


-hand sanitizer

-tissue or clorox wipe (either one works, in this demonstration i used a tissue, for a more thorough clean, use a clorox wipe)

-a dirty whiteboard

Step 1: Priming Your Whiteboard

Before you clean your whiteboard, I recommend to try to erase any visible marks to see if you can wipe them off with a dry erase board eraser.

Step 2: Getting the Tissue Ready

Fold the tissue into a quarter of the usual size (if you have a clorox wipe, you shouldn't need to because they are thicker and more durable). Put a droplet of hand sanitizer into the center and move it around so it is well spread.

Step 3: Cleaning the Board

I suggest that before you start wiping, dab the tissue on a small area of the whiteboard to make sure it doesn't stain. Wipe the board down working from the top down (if you have a large amount of hand sanitizer on the tissue, work down so it drips. It totally depends on how much hand sanitizer you are using and any amount works.). Make sure to wipe the areas next to the sides of the board, they pick up a lot of grime. once you have wiped sufficiently your wipe should by fairly dirty. Your white board should now be good as new!

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