Introduction: Camp Fire Bottle Cap Tea Light

This cute little Tea light provides a fair amount of light and looks good.

Be cautious when using the open flame.



-bottle cap

-hot glue gun

-birthday cake candles, make sure they are fairly thick. Also try to avoid the candles with stripes, they make it look milkier


Step 1: Making the Base

Hot glue the pebbles onto the sides of the bottle cap. I suggest eight or nine rocks, but the number can vary.

Step 2: Cutting the Candle

Cut off about one centimeter of the top of the candle- the end with the wick on it. (make sure to leave some space for the wick. Do not throw this away.)

Step 3: Melting the Candle

Cut the large end of the candle into smaller pieces and put them in the bottle cap. Grab the lighter and melt the pieces until they are nestled down. It is okay if it is a little chunky. After you have melted the pieces, stick the wick end of the candle into the center so the wick sticks out. Melt the piece of candle into the wax and let it harden.

Step 4: Using the Candle

After it has cooled feel free to use it as a tea light. The bottom of the bottle cap will get hot once the wax of the candle starts to dwindle. Be careful with it and make sure not to burn anything or anyone.

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