Introduction: Mini Golf, Miniaturized Pool/Billiards and ShuffleBoard

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Hi All,

Its Asray here, and in this instructable I'm going to show you how to make a couple of mini desk games. Since I'm in quarantine because of Covid-19, I was bored and nothing to do. So I decided to embark on this project. It took me a few hours to make and was very fun to play with. You can make this with your kids (I'm a 15 year old) as a way to pass time and to create something new and fun. You can also bring this on road trips, shopping, office desk etc. Actually you can play this anywhere you want

I'm going to be using cardboard in this project and since some of you in my last instructable asked if they could use plywood to replicate my projects, I would say it is completely possible but you should use very thin plywood (0.3 cm to 0.5 cm)

The mini golf and mini pool table work on the same concept.

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If you want to see how any of these project work, click on the link below

The Sports I am going to make into a miniaturized version are

  1. Golf (With ball retrieval system)
  2. Pool/Billiards
  3. ShuffleBoard Table (With rubber band and stick system)

You need about 1 hour to make any of these mini sports and if you have any doubts please do write it in the comments section.


  • Cardboard/Plywood (3 mm to 5 mm)
  • Liquid Glue
  • Hot Glue
  • Box Cutter/X-Acto Knife
  • Color Paper/Paints
  • Wooden Dowels
  • BB gun ball or any tiny ball
  • Ruler/Scale
  • White Out Pen/ White Paint(Not compulsory)
  • Rubber band

These materials are inexpensive and really easy to find in yours homes even during this pandemic!

Step 1: Mini Golf: Cut Out Pieces of Cardboard of the Measurements Given Below

Cut out pieces of cardboard of measurements given below:

A. For the Base

  1. 11 cm X 20 cm
  2. 12 cm X 20 cm
  3. 11 cm X 17 cm ( Cut out a whole of diameter 1 cm at one end of the piece)

B. For the Sides

  1. 5 cm X 20 cm (2 pieces)
  2. 5 cm X 11.25 cm (2 pieces)

Cut the cardboard pieces with reference to the picture. Make sure to cut them nice and straight as these are the base,sides and the whole system of the ball retrieval system. You can paint them now if you want but I decided to paint the whole project itself at the end

Step 2: Glue the Structure As Shown in the Pictures

  • First Glue the long pieces to long pieces to the length of 11 cm X 20 cm cardboard piece
  • Then glue the 17.5 cm X 11 cm cardboard piece such that it suspended over the first piece by 3 cm. Make sure its flat as possible. Leave a gap from both sides so the ball can fit. Take reference to the pictures
  • Third glue the 22 cm X 11 cm between the two pieces such that its at angle and a ball can roll smoothly
  • Glue the other edge pieces to the breadth of the structure. The structure is now complete.

Take reference to all the pictures, make sure the bases are completely level such that a small ball does not roll on it when stand still. You can paint this but I am gonna show you it in another step. Check all the pictures for reference on how to glue it.

Step 3: Making the Golf Club and the Obstacles

How to make the Golf Club:

  1. Cut a dowel of 3.5 cm and a 1 cm each.
  2. Glue them together as shown in the pictures
  3. Paint it

How to make the obstacles


  1. Cut out two small triangles of the same size
  2. Cut out 2 pieces of rectangular pieces of cardboard the same size of each side and keep the width of 2 cm and glue them to the sides of the triangles
  3. Paint them black

B. Walls

  1. Cut out a square of 2 cm X 2 cm and another rectangle of 1 cm X 2 cm
  2. Glue them together
  3. Paint them black


Make a flag so that it can that it fit over the hole. Its not compulsory to make but it give a better look to the structure. Paint it red

Step 4: Paint the Mini Golf Structure

Paint the structure the top bases with the hole green and paint the rest of the structure black.

Pictures show before and after photos.

The mini tiny golf project is completed and ready to play with.

To see how it works check out this youtube video:

Next we are going to make the mini cardboard pool/billiards table.

Step 5: Mini Pool/Billiards: Cutting Out the Cardboard Pieces for the Structure

A. Base Pieces(Picture 1)

Cut out pieces according to the pictures and measurement given below:

  1. 15.8 cm X 9.6 cm ( 2 pieces)

With one of the two pieces draw out four 1 cm(Diameter) circles from the corners and draw two more of 1 cm diameter in size at the middle of the length of the structure. Then cut out the circles we drew

B. Side pieces (Picture 2)

Cut out pieces according to the pictures and measurement given below:

  1. 16.2 cm X 6 cm (2 pieces)
  2. 9.6 cm X 6 cm
  3. 7 cm X 6 cm

C. Ball Retrieval System (Picture 3)

  1. 16.5 cm X 9.6 cm
  2. 9.6 cm X 2 cm (2 pieces)
  3. 2 cm X 1 cm (2 pieces)

You can adjust the size on your preference, if you do change do the math out on paper and measure and the new pieces properly

Step 6: Gluing Up the Pieces Together

  • First Glue The length pieces to the first base
  • Second glue the second base(the one with the holes) to the structure. Make it as flat as possible such that a ball does not roll when standstill
  • Then glue the base from the ball retrieval system at an angle such that ball can roll( Look at pictures 4 and 5)
  • Glue on the 9.6 cm X 6 cm cardboard piece on one of the breadth sides of the structure
  • On the other side glue the other side breadth side piece up such that there is gap on the bottom and it should line up with all the other edges on the top
  • For a place for the balls to roll through after getting shot in make a tiny box with the rest of the pieces in the ball retrieval system and then glue it to the rest of the structure.
  • The gluing up of the structure is complete.

Take reference to all the pictures, make sure the bases are completely level such that a small ball does not roll on it when stand still. You can paint this but I am gonna show you it in another step. Check all the pictures for reference on how to glue it.

Step 7: Making the Billiard Sticks and the Cue Setter

A.Billiard Sticks

  1. Cut a 2 cm wooden dowel piece
  2. Sand it so the paint can stick better to the dowel
  3. Put a glob of hot glue on the top of the dowel

B. Cue Setter

  1. Put 9 balls together in a triangle and put 3 equal pieces of cardboard of width(2 cm)
  2. Glue them up together

Step 8: Painting the Entire Structure and Finishing the Pool Table

Painting the structure:

The playing table base should be red in color and the rest of the of the structure should be black in color.

Paint the cue setter black(i didn't paint it) in color and the billiard sticks black.

The pictures shows the before and after photos.

The game is now complete and ready to play with!

To see how it works check out this youtube video:

Next we are going to make the mini shuffleboard table.

Step 9: ShuffleBoard Table: Cutting Out Pieces of Cardboard for the Structure

Cut out pieces of cardboard of measurements given below:

A.Base Piece

  1. 15 cm X 25 cm

B.Side Pieces

  1. 25 cm X 7cm(2 pieces)
  2. 17.5 cm X 6 cm
  3. 7.5 cm X 7 cm
  4. 15 cm X 7 cm

C.The Bouncing Mechanism

  1. 6.5 cm X 6.8 cm (2 pieces)
  2. Cut a square of 6.8 cm X 6 cm rectangle diagonally (Look at the pictures for reference)

D.ShuffleBoard Disks (Projectiles)

  1. 1 cm in radius circles (4 pieces)

Step 10: Gluing Up the Structure

  • First take the base piece and glue the length pieces to it
  • Then glue the breadth side piece to the top of the structure
  • Then glue the smallest of the side pieces to the bottom left
  • Then glue the last piece in the middle such that there is an equal gap from the walls
  • Then for the making it work glue the two 6.8 cm X 6.5 cm pieces together at the same angle such that it faces outward(Reference the fourth pictures)
  • Then glue the triangle to fill in the space created by the previous step
  • The gluing of the structure is complete!

Take reference to all the pictures. You can paint this but I am going show you another step. Check all the pictures for reference on how to glue it.

Step 11: Making the Game Works

There are two ways to make this game work. One is the rubber band way and the other way is to use a stick for this game. I am gonna show the second method on my project but i'll also write the steps for the first method.

There is also a third method but it isn't as fun as the others.

A.Stick Method

  1. Cut out two wooden dowels of 5 cm each
  2. Glue one of them to the center of the other one at an 45 degree angle
  3. You can paint them if necessary but i won't, I think the color of the wooden dowel looks good on its own
  4. You are done making it
  5. To play push the projectiles with the stick

B.Rubber Band Method

  1. Take a thick rubber band and cut it into half and a take a 7.5 cm segment
  2. Glue it to the empty side of the breadth piece of the structure at least 1 cm off the ground.
  3. Take your projectile and fling it off the rubber band

C.Flicking Method

  1. Put the projectile at the start line and use your fingers to flick it

Step 12: Painting and Finishing Up the Entire Structure

Paint the entire structure black.(Make sure you painted the structure smoothly). Also make lines and add a point system on the left side of structures. Look at the third picture.

Paint two of the projectiles red and the other two white

Then on the left side of the structure with the white paint/white out paint the lines and positions for the points of the game.

Take reference to the picture. The pictures show the before and after photos.

To see how it works, check out this youtube video:

The games are now complete and ready to play with!

Step 13: How to Play and Set Up the Games. and Tips on How to Make the Project Easier

Playing of Games:

A.Mini Golf

  • Take your tiny ball and place it one place
  • Take your golf club and hit the ball
  • The ball will either will go in the hole or will either miss the hole and fall behind it. It will roll to the bottom where you collect it and repeat the process again

B. Pool/Billiards

  • Put the balls in the cue setter and take it off
  • Take another ball (cue ball) different from the others and keep it adjacent to the other balls
  • Take your pool stick and hit the balls into the holes
  • Keep on playing until all the balls are off the board
  • If the cue ball falls into the holes the player misses a turn

These two games are played like the actual life sized version.

C. ShuffleBoard

  • Put the projectile at the start line and flick it with the stick/rubber band/finger to the other side. Play with a friend. Note down your points

The last two games are supposed to be played with two people


  1. Make the bases as flat as possible
  2. Make sure your dowels are sanded so the paint can stick better
  3. Make the playing surfaces smooth such that you can have a better play experience
  4. Measure twice, cut once (A thing I keep on forgetting)

if you have any questions or any type of way to improve my project, please do talk about it in the comments

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Thank You

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