Introduction: Mini Grappling Hook

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No Batman is complete without a grappling, make him one.

This is a mini grappling hook is perfect for any child and is made with few house hold items, hence easy to replace and fix. I made it for my nephew's birthday and he loved it.

You can make the main rope out of string or duct tape, i recommend string for the main body and tape on the hooks like in the second pic.

This is my first proper Instructable so please be patient with me.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Everything you need can be found in your desk/ tool box:

A few paper clips/ some wire (depends on how big you want the hooks to be

Duct tape and or string

Step 2: Make and Trim the String for the Body

This is the rope for the main body, I found that normal string woks best but you can make the rope out of duct tape.

If duct tape rope:

Cut a length of duct tape slightly longer than you want (it always comes out a bit shorter than you tarted with) and then twist it to make a rope, its a bit difficult starting of but the you should be ok

If string:

Cut the sting to your desired length adding on about 5 cm (2") for tying

Step 3: Make the Hooks

First shape your paperclip/wire into the v ish shape above, try to keep the bends sharp or the hook wont work later. You can make them as big as you want.

Then repeat, but this time snap the two hooks apart as shown in the second pic

Step 4: Join the Hooks Together

This can be done with tape or string i found that duct tape is easier to use in this case but can look unappealing depending on whom you ask.

Duct tape method:

Take a small strip of duct tape and tape it around all for hooks leaving a loop at the bottom for later

String method:

Wrap the string around all 4 hooks as shown and then tie of the end. You can go all the way down the body with string but remember to leave the loop for later.

Step 5: Add a Loop

(skip this step if your string/rope fits through the loop we left from earlier)

Make a small strip of rope from your duct tape or string. then tread it trough the loop we left on the hooks then tread through and tie of or tape the ends together as shown. This is to put the main rope through.

Step 6: Tie on the Main Rope

Thread your rope through the loop we just made or the one of the hooks.

If string: Just tie it on like normal

If tape: Tape the end down on itself as shown

Step 7: Start Playing

Your Done!!!

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