Introduction: Mini Green House

This is a mini green house used for starting seedlings and sprouting micro greens.  We live in Zone 10 so we don't need a door. We do need protection from tropical storms, heavy rain and wind in the summer. This is about as solid as you could make it.


1. 72X36X24 plastic shelving from Lowe's or Home depot.
2. 2 12X12 patio stones. 
3. 1 sheet of clear polycarbonate roofing material. 8"X 26"
4. Padded screws for the polycarb
5. 2- 1/2" rebar 4 feet long.
6. Optional: 1 sheet of translucent polycarb roofing stuff. We use this to protect the seedlings from intense sun. Those of you in Vermont: don't sweat it. 

Build it:

1. Assemble the shelving.
2. Level the area.
3. Lay patio stone and be sure the legs of the shelving are over the holes. I only used two stones because I fastened the shelving to the wall.
4. When everything is square and level, drive the rebar through the holes and mount the shelf by sliding it over the rebar.
5. Fasten the whole thing to the wall with the brackets included with the shelving.
6. Cut transparent polycarb  to size, drill pilot holes and screw it to the sides. I put a 1X1 across the top in the rear to give the roof a little slope for run off.
7. Cut the translucent panels to size. Mine are 30"X 24" for this size shelving.


About a hundred bucks, not including the scotch.