Introduction: Mini Knit Lovers Pin

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This instructable will show you how to make a mini knit pin.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
1) sewing string
2) two toothpicks
3) 25 minutes
4) small hands
5) and a pin clasp (or I guess you can use a safety pin) OPTIONAL

Step 2: Getting Started

To create the pin you will actually need to knit with these tiny things. If you already know how to knit skip the this step and the next 2. And go ahead and start on step 4 (after you're done knitting) but if you don't know how to knit, I will teach you, step by step:)

Step 3: Slip Knot

Follow the steps above
1) fold the small end over the long end.
2)put your fingers through the loop.
3)grab the long ends string.
4) pull it but don't make it tight or it won't slip.

Step 4: Cast On

This part will show you how to move it onto your sticks
1)put it around the toothpick
2)pull the strings to tighten them
3)put your hand in a gun position
4)drape the long string over your thumb
5)go behind everything and come back out through your pointer finger
6)put the small string on top of your three left over fingers
7)then close back into the gun position
8)take the toothpick and go UNDER the thumb loop
9)go OVER the pointer fingers loop and twist UNDER THE SAME LOOP
10)come out to the side
11)remove your fingers carefully and pull the long string
12)do these 11 steps eight more times, then move to step 5

Step 5: Add a Stick

Now you'll start going back and forth between the two sticks.
1)hold the stick with the bumps facing to the right.
2)put the second stick inside the first loop
3)switch the added stick behind the first at an "x" angle
4)grab the long string
5)and put it on top of the added stick(the one in the back)
6)pull it down between the two sticks
7)this is the tricky part. There will be a space in the loop ahead of the long string. Go in that loop.
8) pull it out and release it through the top do this for all of them. Go back and forth until it looks long enough.
9) sew a clasp on the back and it's done! Perfect gifts