Introduction: Mini Lego TV

This is how to make a mini Lego TV by Connor. #HMS2020


4 1x1 flat circular grey studs

3 2x4 flat grey plates

2 4x6 flat brown plates

4 1x4 brown bricks

2 1x4 grey bricks

2 2x2 black slopes

2 2x2 black upside down slopes

2 1x6 brown smooth plates

1 1x2 back smooth plate

4 1x2 black vent plates

1 1x2 brown plate

2 grey levers

Step 1:

Line the three 2x4 grey plates next to each other

Step 2:

put the 4 grey studs on the outer corners.

Step 3:

put the 4x6 brown plate on top of the three 2x4 grey plates.

Step 4:

add 4 of the brown 1x4 bricks on the sides of the 4x6 brown plate on top of each other.

Step 5:

add 2 1x4 grey bricks on top of each other at the front.

Step 6:

add 2 pyramid black bricks at the back on top of each other.

Step 7:

add the 4x6 brown plate on top

Step 8:

Add two 1x6 brown smooth plates on the ends. and 4 1x2 back vents in the midde and two antennas in the 1x2 area in the center.

Step 9: