Introduction: Mini Ninja Star

How to make a mini ninja star from a sticky note.



Sticky note

Step 1:

Fold a single sticky note in half.

Then open the sticky note and cut it on the crease.

Step 2:

Fold each piece in half the long way.

Step 3:

Fold the top corner to the crease making a point.

Fold the point to the edge of the sticky note making another point on the opposite side.

Step 4:

Fold your upper point at the halfway mark to form a triangle.
Fold the lower point at the halfway mark to make a second triangle.

Step 5:

Lay one piece on top of the other, with all points facing the same direction, as pictured above.

Step 6:

Fold point of bottom paper on crease, tucking the point into the flap on the top piece of paper. this makes a smaller point. Repeat step for opposite point.

Step 7:

Flip the paper over. Fold point on crease and tuck in flap, repeat step with last point.

Step 8: Done

Now you’re finished with your mini ninja star!

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