Miniature Tie Fighter With Legos

Introduction: Miniature Tie Fighter With Legos

Please have fun building and playing with this Tie Fighter.


2. 3 x 2 Black Flat bricks.

1. 1 x 1 clear red dot.

5. 1 x 1 Black dots.

And One other piece that I don’t know how to describe. Oh! look there’s a pic down there.

Step 1: Hallelujah!

Step 2: Hey Look at Me, I Have a Picture of All the Things You Need!

Step 3: Building the Wings

Place a 2X3 flat piece in front of you upside down, then put a 1x1 black dot on the bottom hole, as shown in pic 1.

After that put another 1x1 black dot on top of the one you just placed shown in pic 2.

Set the two wings aside.

Step 4: The Body

Now take out the piece shown in pic 1.

Place a 1x1 clear red dot on the top of the piece you took out shown in pic 2.

Put another 1x1 black dot on the back, pic 3.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Attach the two wings on the thing sticking out from the bottom of the windshield pic 1.

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