Introduction: How to Make a Mini Paint Set

I made a mini paintbrush out of dog hair. It sounds very weird, and I'm not saying it isn't weird, but it works. If you don't have a dog or cat, you could use string or another fiber, preferably a stiff one. Brushes were originally made of hog hair, but now many are synthetic, which is hard to replicate at home. That's why I returned to the root of brushes to make my mini version.


-Dog hair (easy to gather with a brush) or replacement

-2 toothpicks

-Food color

-Bottle cap or other small vessel


- Small container




Step 1: Gather Hair or Replacement

To gather hair for my brushes, I just brushed my dog for a minute or so. You need a bundle about the size of a Q-tip.

-Cat hair, thin grass, your hair, banana fibers, string (does not work as well)

Step 2: Tape Down Fiber

Get a toothpick and place a piece of tape on the edge. Bundle the fibers into a log and place on the tape. Gently tug on the fibers to remove some of the loose ones. If you pull to much, they will all come out, so just do this a few times.

Step 3: File Down End

Use a nail file to take the pint off the toothpick.

Step 4: More Tape

Add more tape at the tip to give the hair some shape. Trim hairs if needed (not necessary).

Step 5: Add Food Coloring to Bottle Cap

Just one drop will do it.

Step 6: Add Water

Add a little water and stir to make the paint. You can also use liquid watercolors or another thin paint. There is another choice I will describe in a few steps.

Step 7: Make the Container

Trace the container you are going to use on paper. Cut it out a little smaller than the outline.

Step 8: Paint the Paper With Your Food Color Paint

Afterwards you can write "Mini Art Kit" or "_____'s art kit if you want.

Step 9: Tape to the Top

Tear two pieces of tape in half. Use a half piece for each side of the box.

Step 10: Fill Your Kit!!

Fill with

-Your brushes, which you can contain with straps of paper

-Paper trimmed down to fit

-Your "mixing dish" ( bottlecap )

-Paint: food color or

- Food color mixed with water in food color bottle

- Watercolor cakes, which you can buy or make

Please let me know if you come up with a smarter way to contain paint!

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