Introduction: Mini Paper Notebooks!

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These mini notes are useful for writing running notes during a class or for general purposes.So let’s start making them!


A clear sheet of paper .
Any color paper.
A pen.

Step 1: Start With a Single Paper

Start this project with a single paper

Ruled or plain is yor choice

Step 2: Fold and Cut!

Fold the sheet of paper into the reqired size of the notebook.

Cut along the folded lines to make the pages of the notebook

Step 3: Design the Cover

Now take a color paper and design it.

It is the cover page of the project.

Remember, the cover page should be double the size of he paper as it should cover the back also.

Step 4: Stack!

Pile up all the pages on top of the other along with the cover page.

Now, staple them.

Step 5: Done!

Put on your pen on the paper and start doodling!