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I used to give patches to my kids for their doing good just like what we do on Instructables, in the form of cards with unique characters. I take characters in cartoons or games that are hot in their social environment. Seeing the footwear challenge makes me think that it might be cool to clip the patches on their slippers or on the collars or top pockets just like the military pins.

Then I have to make it smaller. It won't be cool if you put card size pins on your shoes or collars. Then I called it mini pinschers, ups.. mini patches ^_^

Step 1: The Designs

Browse the web and collect the cool characters you want. Save them on your local harddrive. Open any vector drawing application and import your characters in a page. Why vector drawing app? Because with this app you can adjust the size of the print out images. Use the horizontal and vertical rulers to determine your output sizes. My mini patches use 2 centimeters for the height while the width depends on its aspect ratio of the images.

Use transparent tape on top of the print out to give them glossy effect and also prevent melt down by water sprinkles.

Step 2: Hardened

Find a piece of cardboard to harden. I always keep some lightbulb's cardboard for some cardboard projects. Use a double sided tape to stick the print out characters to the cardboard.

Step 3: Cutting

Now cut them into pieces. I should have picked a thinner cardboard so that it would be easier to shape. It will be better cut the character's border so you can either choose characters with simple shapes or thinner cardboard for this project. Otherwise, I simply cut them rectangular.

Step 4: The Pins

I have some unused twist wires comes with electronic cables. I cut them twice the height of the mini patches, that is around 4 centimeters each. Use a glue gun to glue the twist wires to the patches one third from the top. For collar pins, you should glue at the bottom of the patches.

Instead of twist wire, you can use paperclips for this project for collar pins or top pocket pins.

Step 5: Clip-On

Clip on your slippers. Pardon my dirty yellow-grey slippers :P

Tell the kids : "Every time you make a good step, a good move, then you will earn one special character on your request." I also make series of patches like The StarWars, The Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, Hello Kitties, Frozen, so be good ^_^ and collect them all.

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