Introduction: Mini Plane Ride

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I got a few motors the other day and I made a tiny ride for my mini city. This is how I made it. If you have any ideas of what I can add into my city, I am open for suggestions if you would like to put those ideas into the comments.

Step 1: Body of Ride

Make a cylinder at 98mm by 98mm by 1mm. Then make a room for the motor to go in. Now align the two pieces together and that piece is done.

Step 2: Beams

This step you will need a box sized at 5mm by 80mm by 2mm. Then rotate it to make as many ride things this project will have (From 2-Infinity). In the very center of this you will need a whole to put the motor through.

Step 3: Riding Part

Now you can design a plane or something that your mini people can ride in. Whatever you decide for your ride, please post what you did in the comments below.

Step 4: 3D Print

Take your parts and export them to a slicing software. Now print your parts. They should only take about two hours to print.

Step 5: Start Build

Start laying out your parts. You should have; 6 printed parts, wires, motor, motor holder, battery holder, vehicles/people, heat shrink, hot glue, a switch, a paper clip, and a soldering iron.

Step 6: Build Part 1

Get your battery holder out and cut and splice the red wire in the middle. Attach the switch to the red wire where you cut it.

Step 7: Build Part 2

Now solder the red and black wires onto the motor.

Step 8: Build Part 3

Put the motor in the motor holder. Put the motor where it is going to be and hot glue it into place.

Step 9: Build Part 4

Get the paperclip and cut it to about 3cm long. Put one end of the paperclip in a airplane and the other end on the beam as shown in the pics above.

Step 10: Build Part 5

If the whole that goes on the motor is to big, get paint out and put a bit of paint in the whole to make it a bit smaller.

Step 11: Ta-Da!

Now put the pieces together and you are done. Sorry about all of the people laying on the ground in the pic.

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