Introduction: Mini Popsicle Stick Greenhouse

This down scale greenhouse was made in order to help the starting process of growing seeds. by making a humid environment that would allow the seeds to sprout. The greenhouse also had optimal drainage, is reusable, and is easy enough to make! If you're planning to grow some seeds and want to create an environment which is optimal for their growth I recommend following along and building your own mini popsicle stick greenhouse.


For this project you will need:

  • 16 large popsicle sticks (5 7/8" x 11/16")
  • 35 slim rectangular popsicle sticks (5 9/16" x 1/4")
  • 38 regular popsicle sticks (4 1/2" x 3/8")
  • plastic wrap
  • scissors
  • glue gun with glue sticks

Step 1: Creating the Container Pt. 1 the Bottom

The first step to this project is to create the part of the greenhouse that will be holding the dirt with its seeds. In order to create this we will need to make four walls and a bottom that will successfully drain excess water but still be able to hold the dirt and seeds.

Let's start with the bottom, to make the bottom you will need 23 of the slim rectangular popsicle sticks. With four of the popsicle sticks use glue to connect each of them by their ends and form a square where the opposing sides are either on the top or the bottom of the other sticks. Once the glue dries use a ruler and mark out every 1/2" between both the top and the bottom sticks. Next glue a stick to each on of the markers until you create a somewhat checkered square.

Step 2: Creating the Container Pt.2 the Walls

Next we need to create the walls, we will need four individual walls that will all be made in the same way. In order to create one wall you will need 4 large popsicle sticks and 5 regular popsicle sticks. First attach two regular popsicle sticks together by their sides. Next mark 1/2" below the top of the two popsicle sticks and glue one of the large popsicle sticks right below that mark, it is crucial to make sure that the large popsicle stick is perpendicular to the regular sticks. Once the large stick is glued on correctly glue on the next three sticks on below it and attach another two glued together popsicle sticks to the four large sticks the same way the first one was glued on. After this repeat the process until you have four walls total.

Step 3: Creating the Container Pt. 3 Connecting All of the Pieces

The next step in creating the container is connecting all of the pieces together. First attach four of the slim sticks onto the sides of the bottom in order to create a flat surface that can have the walls attached. Next glue the side of the bottom onto the walls where there is more of the regular popsicle stick poking out, just like with the wall try to make the bottom connect with the wall perpendicularly. After you attach the first wall repeat the process with the remaining walls.

Step 4: Creating the Container Pt. 4 Sealing It Off

The last step in creating the container is sealing it off. You will need plenty of hot glue for this step and possibly some regular popsicle sticks. Start by going to the space where the wall and bottom connect and glue all of the open spaces in between shut with your hot glue. Next go to the space between each wall, if there is a lot of space between walls then add in a regular popsicle stick to your glueing and if there isn't much space between the walls just glue them the same way you did with the space between the wall and bottom.

Step 5: Making the Lid Holder

The holder for the lid is an area of the container in the corner that is seperate from the rest of the container. this will be where the sticks of the container will be placed in and where they will stay. In order to make this you will need 8 regular popsicle sticks. first glue each together in pairs, then place them in the corner of the container and glue them in place. After this cut off the excess on the top.

Step 6: Creating the Lid Pt. 1 the Frame

In order to keep heat and moisture in the greenhouse there has to be a lid. The first step to creating the lid is to make its frame, to do this you will need 8 slim sticks and 8 regular sticks. The first step is to cut four of the regular sticks in half. Once you have done that mark 4 of the slim sticks 1" below the top of it and glue the half popsicle stick to it with the flat side parallel to the slim stick for each one. Next take the remaining half sticks and glue them to the edge of where the slim stick and the end of the half stick meet and repeat for the 3 other slim sticks, these will be used as the corners of the lid. After you have done that connect all of the unused slim sticks to the outside of the half popsicle sticks and form a box using the corners. Lastly use the remaining unused regular popsicle sticks and glue them on the inside of each side of the lid in order to strengthen the lid.

Step 7: Creating the Lid Pt.2 the Cover

Once you have finished making the frame, use plastic wrap to cover the lid about 2" down from the top and fully over the top of the lid. Using plastic wrap allows you to see your seeds sprout and will trap heat and moisture inside of the greenhouse. This doesn't have to be exact, just make it so that it is mostly covered in areas where it needs to be covered.