Introduction: Mini Reprap 3d Printer Build

This is a 3d printer that was designed by 3dtje that was meant to blow the minds of others, since at the time when it was built (2015), there weren't that much 3d printers lying around. 'This printer is used in 3D printerworkshops at the Stockholms school of Economics and at the TKH stockholm (technical university)' the Builder states. I've personally built this printer as it provided great instructions including the ardurino code.


Stepper Motors*5

Printed Parts (all)

Ardurino mega with ramps shield*1

Liner Rods & Bearings *6

M2 Threaded Rods & Nuts*2

Threaded Rod Coupler*2

Belts*2 50cm

Stepper Motor Driver Pulleys & idler*2

Ardurino Compatible Endstops*3

Ardurino Compatible Interface w/ click wheels*1

20 by 20 mm fans*1

Hotend with fanshroud*1

Wire Guard (30cm)

Bowden Extruder & Bowden tube*1

Step 1: Printing Parts

First you want to print all the parts for the build, if you don't have a 3d printer, you can go to your nearby fablab to print out the parts for you. Or go to 3d hubs and ask for a 3d printing service. The links to the models are all here: this includes the 3d models and ardurino code. Be sure to print the hotend mount in abs or petG or any materials with high temperature resistance.

Step 2: Buying Parts

Usually you can find the parts on

Or you can buy the parts from his website

Step 3: Finishing Off

I will not state every single bit of instructions on how to build this 3d printer, but if you download the zip file from thingiverse, it'll show all the instructions on how to build the 3d printer.

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