Introduction: Halloween Jack-o-lantern Made Interesting

This is going to show how to create a scary yet interesting Halloween Jack-o-lantern (for $25 or less) with an easy 3D Printed pumpkin (or a hand carved pumpkin) and a simple diffuser to create an intriguing Halloween Scare. In my case, I've used my trusty Ender 3 which is one of the best budget i3 style printer you can currently buy.


Step 1: Printing/Making the Pumpkin

Personally, I used my 3D Printer to make my pumpkin; however, you can choose to carve the pumpkin yourself with an actual pumpkin. For those which chooses to print their own scale the pumpkin model up 300% in your slicer from the model above.

Step 2: Adding the Diffuser and Some Water

If you already have a diffuser of some sort, use those or otherwise you can buy those really cheap diffuser from the links provided above.

Step 3: Done!!!

After the instillation of the diffuser in the pumpkin, enjoy the show!!!

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