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Well now-a-days I have been doing a lot of crafts and a lot of craft paper have been wasted fro nothing .

In this generation it is our responsibility to take good care of the environment where the use of plastic is been growing everyday and cutting trees for the need of paper has been rapidly increasing .

So I took the initiative to take part in this save the world motive and here I am with a craft that is made from the scratch of the used Craft paper.

So let me start with the tutorial.

Step 1: Gather All the Craft Paper

If you are a crafter like me then by now you would have probably wasted a lot of craft paper that goes into the dustbin, why not convert that into a recycle bin?

Go to your dust bin and grab all the used craft paper that you have thrown .

Step 2: Get the Materials

Get these materials:

  1. Puncher
  2. Spring (Spiral binding)
  3. Craft paper
  4. Scissors

Step 3: Cut Em All

Cut all that Craft papers into a small regular and equal shape using a pair of scissors

Keep all the same colored craft paper together so that it adds look to the note book.

As shown in the figure keep all the craft papers in the same manner.

Step 4: Punch and Bind

Using the puncher punch the holes at any end of all the papers in the same places, so that the spring can go properly.

After you make the Holes take the spring and start making the binding from one side.

Once you are done with the binding you can start using the Mini Note book

Step 5: Sketch and Use

Now you are already done with the Mini Note Book butt for a better use I am making it a To-Do list with this.

Take a sketch pen and draw any image of your choice.

I am using it as my To-Do list of my Instructables so that I won't forget anything that I want to do.

Keep a track of your Instructables.

Thank You:)

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