Introduction: Mini Sugru Man

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In this instructable, i will teach you how to make a Mini Sugru Man out of the leftovers from your sugru projects that you would otherwise have no use for...i know what your thinking...NO USE FOR SUGRU?!?! Preposterous!!! WELL, I can rest assuredly tell you, it will not be wasted!!!

Step 1: Materials

For this instructable you will need:

1) Leftover Sugru
2) A 1/32" Drill Bit
3) Soapy Water

Step 2: Body, Head and Arms

Now is the time to put up or shut up...By now the sugru has started to cure and you need to do things quickly.

Make 6 balls. 2 bigger than the rest. Take the two big balls of sugru and keep one ball shaped, and the other lightly rub in between your fingers to make a "log" just a little bit thinner than the other big ball. This will be the dude's body. now take the body, and the head and marry them together. not take two of the smaller balls and roll them into a log and marry them to the body just under the head.

Step 3: Legs and Finishing

Now you will take your other two sugru balls and roll them into logs. marry them on the bottom of the body.

After you get your Sugru man/woman put together, take your drill bit, and with the NON-cutting side, smooth out the joint where all parts meet, all the way around each part with LITTLE soapy water to keep the Sugru from sticking to the drill bit and mucking up your "work of art".

Step 4: Meet Your Makee

Congrats, you brought a Sugru man/woman/child  into being. If you wanna make it a keychain, i am now sure how it would fare as such, but i used an eyelet that i made from my "How to Make Mini Closing Pins" instructable, but it would ba better if you used a TINY screw like eyelet and shove it in the Sugru person's head and then let it cure the rest of the way. I personally WONT be using it as a keychain. i am goint to use it as a hanging Tinkertoy  in a divided Tonkertoy shelf.