Introduction: Mini LED Table Lamp Kit. Cable-free. Solder-free. I Made It at TechShop.

     To make a mini portable LED table lamp kit.
     To design Plug and Play device.  User just plug in 6 LEDs and 6 batteries.
     To learn how to use Autodesk Inventor Professional and Maker Bot - Replicator 2
     To have fun working and learning at the TechShop.

  * Create a big circle (LED Tray) of 95 mm diameter: Use Create 2D Sketch. Select reference plane. Constraint: Make the center of circle coincident with the origin.
  * Extrude the LED Tray by 7mm thickness  The LEDs would be facing downward and protruding out of the LED Tray.  The hemisperical portion of the LEDs would be fully out of the LED Tray.   Right hand click the Extrude part to bring up Extrude part property menu.  Selected the red sphere dot to enter the angle (20 deg) of the extrusion.  Use fillet radius of 3.175 mm for the perimeter of the LED Tray.
   *Create the center  Pen Hole.  Create a circle 8.2mm in diameter.  Move the circle to the origin.  The Pen Hole is for the pen with maximum diameter of 8mm.  
   * Create LED Holes   Created a circle about 10.4 mm in diameter.  Move this circle to the horizonal axis of the sketch plane.  Simply eyeball the position of the circle onto the 1st part as shown.
   * Define centers LED Holes.  Created a polygon with 6 sides (Hexagon).  To create a polygon, it required to click 2 reference points.  Use he origin (also the center of LED Tray) and the 2nd point (center of the LED Hole).  The reason for choosing Hexagon was because the Lamp is balanced with 2, 3, 4 or 6 LEDs.
   * Make Multipe LED Holes.  Select master LED Hole. Select Copy.  Select Base Point  Click center of Master LED Hole  Then select the destination points (the corners of the Hexagon), one at a time for 5 times.
   * Extrude the LED Holes. To extrude the LED Holes.  Get out of the Sketch mode.  Select 10 mm depth or more or select Through All option.   Select Cut.
   * Create Retainer Holes: Create circle 11.6 mm in diameter.  Move, copy and coincide with the LED hole center (Concentric).  I prefer just moving instead of defining constraint   It make it difficult to edit dimension if there is too many constraint.  In similar manner above, Copy these circles to the 6 corners of the Hexagon.
   * Extrude Retainer Holes. Extrude the Retainer Holes by 1.5 mm depth. 
   * Time to print Prototype:  It is time to print the 1st prototype to test the LED Holes fitness.
   * Save your work:  I saved this work and also Exported the STL file.  I copied the STL file to a memory stick and moved on to the Maker Bot Replicator 2 - 3D Printer.  
    * Create the Battery Cell Holders:  CR2032 batteries are 20mm in diameter and 3.2mm in thickness  It has most power that the among the CR20** size nickel size batteries.   The intend is to be ROHS (Lead Free) device. No tools needs.  No soldering and no screws needed.   CR20** series has 3.7v.  They are popular for making "Throwies".   No series resistor is required.  Just tape the LEDs to the CR20* batteries and throw the in the dark.
    * Print Final Prototype:  It is time to print our completed prototype design.  If using thinner CR20* batteries,  Print 3D spacer washers.

More Play Time Fun Ideas.
     * This design could use a pen and a pen stand to make table lamp.
     * It is left to the users design power and switch  The wire of the power could get up from the center post.
     * The hole at the center could also be used to hang the lamp from the ceiling 
     * Different color LEDs could be used depending on your application.  10mm Cool White Diffused LEDs are good for reading lamp.   10mm Cool White Diffused LEDs are good for ambient lightlings.   10mm Diffused Blue LEDs are good for quiet mood lightings.
     * 10mm RGB Slow Flash LEDs could be used for special effect  Mixed colors LED could be use and sping the LED Tray in the dark.
      * The application and fun is limitless.  

Thank you for viewing my Instructable   I hope you LIKE it.   I will release more fun pictures each week.  Please stay tuned.

Thank you to all TechShop staffs and friends at TechShop for all the supports