Introduction: Mini Toy Launching Grappling Hook on Tinkercad

This will hopefully teach you how to make a mini grappling hook that you can wear on your wrist. You will be able to activate it like a hidden blade.

At the end I will leave a likely to a video of the hidden blade this was based off of. In the video you can see where the springs should go and where to put the string to activate it but the string attached to the grapple will be explained.


You will need to make the design

If you want to 3D print it you will need:
3D printer
Ring that can go around your ring finger
2 springs:1small 2 average

Step 1: Basic Things I Will Be Using( You May Skip This If You Are Experienced in the Arts of Tinkercad)

Making a box from basic shapes short and thin makes a wall.

Rotating a shape will be needed.

When you click on a shape on your grid it will give you the option of Solid or Hole, if you select Hole and group it with a Solid shape the Hole will make a hole in the Solid shape.

The scribble tool can help you make your own shapes.

You can always look under your creation.

Use what looks like a cone to raid the shape.

Step 2: Case

Just use rectangles.

Hole in bottom:

Both sides:



Hole in front:
Width 20mm
mm of ground: 2mm

Step 3: Mechanism

If you have the assassin’s creed syndicate hidden blade and have taken it apart you will know how this mechanism works, and that you will need a short and long spring for it to work.

Use boxes and a cylinder to make this pieces here

Step 4: Winder

The winder will be for winding the string back after you launch the grapple. The string will have to be glued to the winder. There will be a gap for the string.

First, use a solid tube and a hole torus. Make the torus come on the outside of the tube like in the picture. Next, get a cylinder and two hole boxes, and group all 3 like in the image. If you want the winder to look less bland you can take a paraboloid, make it a hole shape, flip it upside down, and group it with the winder.

Step 5: Extra NEEDED Parts of Case

You will need small polls for this project. To make small polls you need a scribble. While you are making the shape of the scribble just click your mouse one to make a dot and then press done. Make a copy of a poll and paste it to make two. Now, place them where I have in the image.

Step 6: Lid

Place the winder where I have placed it on the mechanism. Make a copy of the case, mechanism, and winder. Group the copy. Make a solid box that covers the top of the copy (preferably 5.5mm tall). Make the copy a hole. If not only the top of your winder is above than ungroup it and make your winder longer. Once every part of the copy is a hole and perfectly placed group the copy and lid. Now you’re lid will fit perfectly.

Step 7: Hook Part1

Start with a cylinder, a rod made with a scribble, and a sphere to make the part of the grapple that hooks onto the mechanism.
Lower cylinder:

Middle rod made with a scribble:

Top sphere:

Now use two Hole boxes, make them thin, rotate 1 67.5 degrees and make it as close to being like the photo above.


Add Step

Step 8: Hook Part 2

Now for the arrow on the hook. This is the hardest part. Try to make yours as close to the photos as you can.
Remake the first photo in a scribble.
Make it longer and a little bit wider.
Copy, paste, and flip it like in the second photo
Put the two pieces together and group them like in the third photo.
Slightly rotate it.
Copy, paste, flip it upside down, and group it like in the forth photo.
Trim the edges like in the fifth photo.
And finally make holes that go 1/4 way like in the sixth and seventh photos.

Now, fit a pyramid turned 90 degrees on to it like in photo eight.

Now, for the actual hook.
Make a shape like in photo nine and 10
Copy it, paste it, turn the copy into a Hole shape, put the copy inside the original, make the copy shorter on the bottom and top like in photo 11, 12, 13, and 14.
Copy it, paste it, flip it, and group it like in photo 15.
Place it in the small holes of what we made earlier like in photo 16, and group them.

FINALLY, put part 1 and part 2 together like in photo 17.

To see where to put both springs and how the mechanism works, watch the “Assassin’s Creed Syndicate hidden blade mod tutorial” video made by OmegaTriVerse on YouTube
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