Introduction: Mini Tv for Small Dolls and Littlest Pet Shops

Hello everyone my name is Janna! And today I will be showing you how to make a mini tv and remote for small dolls and littlest pet shops! And don't worry if it dose not look perfect beacuse as you can see mine obvisoly dosent! Hope you have fun!
The things you will need are... Air dry clay (available at Walmart) pernament marker (sharpies), paint and glue (if needed)

Step 1: Sculpting the Base.

Ok now that you have got your materials, let's get sculpting! Ok first things first make a base for the tv. You would want your tv to be a rectangle ,just so it's long enough, it really just depends on how big you want the tv. (And this clay I got you don't need to bake it so it hardens! So just leave it to sit for awhile)

Step 2: Sculpting the Stand.

Ok next you will need to make the stand that the tv can sit on. You don't want to make it too thin or too thick. If you make it too thin it would be almost impossible for the tv to keep its balance and fall over. If you make it too thick it won't look that good. (If it needs more support put glue on it)

Step 3: Making the Screen.

Almost done! Now you need to make a screen. I recommend you make the tv a flat screen tv so it dose not weigh as much and break the stand. (Tip: don't make it too bumpy and crumbly beacuse if you do it will be impossible to colour) we're almost done! Now wait the whole day so the tv can dry for good. I know it may sound like awhile beacuse if you colour/paint on it when it's still slightly wet it may ruin the marker and the paint won't look good.

Step 4: Colouring!

Finally when the sculpture is done drying, now it's time to colour! You can use paint or sharpie. I used the sharpie for the frame of the tv and the back of the tv screen. And I painted the base with a brown paint all around!

Step 5: Little Details!

Finally this is the fun part! We have to paint the screen and add little details! I painted the screen blue with a hint of gray just to add texture to the ocean scene and even added small stickers. You could do the same or Something different. Also what I did I added a xbox gaming system to the bottom right of the tv! And even little Xbox controllers! (I will do a instructable for that someday) hope you enjoyed reading my instructable have fun! :)