Introduction: Mini Vacuum Chamber

A small Week end project for kids to enjoy. Not only science it also make the kids very happy. All the kids are in study from home now a days, so some small projects to explain science. Its a science project to explain vacuum actions. Its make kids smile.

Step 1: Materials Required

Materials Required

1) Air tight Glass manson Jar Small size - 1 No.

2) Plastic Syringe big - 1No.

3) Plastic Syringe top medium - 1No.

4) RO Water plant plastic tube 1 meter.

5) Rubber Tube 0.5 feet.

6) Tube Balloon - 1 No

7) Small Balloon - 1No

8) Feviquick - 1No

Step 2: Making Hand Pump

1) Cut the medium syringe top in the bottom.

2) Cut the 1 meter RO plant plastic tube into two parts. Cut two small pieces of rubber tube. And insert the tubes one over the other as shown in the figure.

3) Heat one side of the one plastic tube and close it with out leak.

4) Drill the side of the tube.

5) Cut a small piece of tube balloon and cover the hole, this balloon act as a one way valve.

6) Join all the tube as shown in the figure. Now a one way valve is ready, from one side it allow to suck air and not able to return. Select that side.

7,8) In the tube on that side put a hole using drilling machine.

9) Put a another piece of balloon over that hole and it also act as a one way valve. Now the Suction pump is ready.

Step 3: Prepare Chamber

1) Take a small air tight glass jar.

2) Put a 8mm hole in the cap.

3) Insert the rubber tube inside the hole.

4) Glue the joint and hot glue the joint.

Step 4: Join Pump and Chamber

Use the feviquick paste all the joint permanently. Joint the pump and chamber together. Now the vacuum chamber is ready.

Step 5: Check the Chamber

Take a Small Balloon and blow it, tie a knot. Put it inside the jar and close the top tightly,use the pump to suck the air inside the jar. now the balloon got bigger due to vacuum create inside the jar.

Step 6: Fun With Kids

For kids draw face on the balloon using permanent marker. And put it inside the jar and make the jar vacuum using the pump, now the kids enjoy the face getting bigger and fill the jar.

This is a very small project and kids like it very much even they don't know the principle. For Gradeschooler explain the principle and check with other items.

Thank you for going through my project.

Lot more to enjoy...............Don't forgot to comment and encourage me friends.

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