Introduction: Mini Witch Hat (Fascinator) With Upcycled 45 Record Brim

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With a few easy to obtain materials, you can create your own witch hat fascinator from an old 45 record. Anyone up for trying this with a full size record? 

Make several and place along your tabletop for a holiday decoration or a witch movie/tv show party, just leave off the elastic band!

Step 1: Materials

Gather your materials. You will need: 

Craft foam cut into a half circle. 
Fabric and or tulle to decorate the craft foam (I used stretch velvet, beads and tulle to decorate my hat). 
Needle & black thread.
Elastic band (to make a headband).
Glue - E6000 or hot glue.
A pipe cleaner. 
Small metal bowl or tuna can. 
Drill (optional - for attaching the elastic).
A single 45 record. 

Just in case inspiration hits, gather materials to decorate your hat with with: beads, sequins, tull or ribbon for around the brim. 

Step 2: Pre-Assembly

It's prep time! Each piece needs to be prepped before everything gets put together. 

1) Start by using your record to cut a half circle out of the craft foam. 

3) Drill two holes lined up across from the center hole in the record that is large enough for the elastic to go through. 

4) Turn on your oven to the lowest setting. Place on small metal bowl or tuna can with door cracked for only few minutes (aka don't leave the room) until sides begin to drape. Carefully remove using oven mits.

Step 3: Decorate

Gather some tulle, beads, sequins...whatever you have laying around to decorate your hat. 

If you want to cover your point with fabric, use your craft foam half circle as a guide to cut a piece of fabric down to size. Start by gluing both the foam and fabric into a cone with the fabric facing out. 

To make a tulle brim, shape the pipe cleaner to the base of the cone and twist in place. Hand gather and stitch a strip of tulle to the pipe cleaner. 

String some beads to the width of the base of the cone and stitch the base of the cone, beads and mini pipe cleaner tutu to the cone. 

Paint, add sequins, it doesn't have to be plain! 

Step 4: Assemble

Almost done! Just a few more things: 

Size up your head with a piece of small black elastic. 

Stitch one side to the cone. 

Feed elastic through one of the holes in the record. 

Feed the elastic back through the other hole in the record. 

Stitch elastic to opposite side of the cone. 

Gently pull record until the brim is snug to the cone. 

NOTE: Leave out the elastic parts and just glue the cone to the base for a tabletop holiday decoration. 

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