Introduction: Mini Snowman Keychain Buddy

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Have you ever lost your keys? Or had nothing to do and you were feeling crafty? Same here! So... I decided to make a pocket size key chain buddy so you can do something crafty and never lose your keys either!

Step 1: Materials


-small ankle/no show sock*
-small "jingle bell"
-googley eyes
-sharpie marker**
-orange clay
-some type of stuffing***
-hot glue gun

*Cut off the top of a longer sock if needed
**Depending on the color of the snowman's hat
***Pillow type or other cotton ball material****
****I couldn't find stuffing so i used the end of the sock I cut off

Step 2: Construct Your Snowman: Part One

-Stuff the sock with cotton stuffing (as much as possible)
-Hot glue the open end of the sock together
-Tie the ribbon at 1/3 the way down
-Draw the rim of the hat where you want it*

*I drew mine about half way between the hot glued end and the bow

Step 3: Construct Your Snowman: Part Two

-Color in your snowman's hat with sharpie
-Hot glue the bell* onto the top of your snowman and the eyes onto his face
-Mold the orange clay into a carrot nose shape
-Bake the clay in the oven or let it dry**
-Hot glue the nose onto the face
-Optional = Get some sequins to act as buttons on snowman

*Bell is optional because it has gotten annoying
**This is a different step for every one depending on what type of clay you have

-If you have cool ideas please comment

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