Introduction: Miniature Clay Thanksgivng Turkey

Hello! today I am going to show you how to make a doll sized Thanksgiving turkey out of polymer clay

Step 1: What You Need


  • Knife (I use an X-acto)
  • Ball stylus
  • Paint Brushes


Step 2: The Turkey!

Start out by rolling out a ball of white clay. Then take the ball tool and make a line starting from the top part way down the side of it. Then smooth out the sides of the line to make the breast meat of the turkey. then pinch the bottom of the turkey for the leg sockets.

Step 3: Legs

Make a tear drop-like shape out of some white clay. Then roll out the smaller end a bit to make a drumstick. You will need to make two of these. then place them on the side of the turkey.

Step 4: Skin and Wings

make two ovals and flatten them and add tips to them to make the wings like shown in the picture. Then place right above the legs.

then take the ball stylus and poke the turkey all over. This gives it a more realistic look.

Step 5: Skin Color

Take brown and brick red pastels and use the knife to shave a bit off. Then take the paint brush and use it to brush the colors onto the turkey use enough brown to make it look a little bit cooked. (sorry I don't have photos of this step)

Step 6: Glaze

take a cup or a dish of some sort (I used a dixie cup) and put a little bit of the glaze in it. Then shave a bit of the brown, orange, yellow, and brick red pastels to make a caramel color. take a firm paint brush and brush it onto the turkey. Then Bake at 275° F or whatever your clay instructions say.

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