Introduction: Miniature Motor Pump

About: Finding the new technics for the old technology
Now a days watering the plants also takes a part of the time.
To overcome this situation today we are here for make a small motor which will uses very small amount of DC voltage and supplies the water to plants with the one switch operation.


+ a plastic bottle which diameter will be equal to the diameter of the motor which we have taken.
+ Plastic tubes with the 0.6mm diameter with 5cm length -2.
+ a wheel from the RC car which is used in the place of a propeller for pumping purpose.
+ DC motor with 3v operation voltage.
+ Soldering rod,glue,blade,marker.

Step 1: Propeller Shell

Take a bottom part of a bottle which can fit to the taken motor
And make at the center of the bottom and a side by making a 90° angle to the side of that bottom

Step 2: Attaching Propeller (fan)

Take the measurements of the taken bottle bottom and take a fan which can fit to the motor and having 0.2 cm gap to the shell of the motor.
I'm just taking a wheel of a toy car it seems to be a propeller by cutting it's circular part.

Step 3: Assembling

Now make holes to the bottom of the bottle with the diameter 0.6mm.
And attach the plastic tubes at the holes and then
The motor have to be soldered at the terminals for power supply.
And add the cutted wheel at the end of the shaft of the motor and finally,
Assemble the motor and the plastic part
And merge the motor partially in the water switch on the power supply