Introduction: Miniature Store Display

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Barbie has so many accessories that she decided to have a garage sell. But she is so stylish she'll never dare to just put her stuff in big brown boxes. That's what this display is for. I was happy to help

Her designing and building the display just to get rid of some of all her stuff (who doesn't hate clutter?)

The items looked great, it was a success! Too bad the other dolls that bought the merchandise belong to the same owner, my daughter.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Foam board



X-acto knife


Black cardstock

Glue gun



Step 2: Cut

Cut six triangles as shown in the picture, the long side is 6cm and the two other sides are 4cm.

Cut one rectangle (10x15 cm).

Step 3: Glue

Glue three triangles together so that they form a pyramid.

Cut a slit on the top of both pyramids to insert the rectangle. Glue the rectangle on top of the two pyramids

Step 4: ​Add Shelves and Rocks

It is stable, but with the weight of the items it could fall, so glue small rocks at the bottom of the pyramids. You could also add scrapbook paper or gift wrap, to make it more stylish.

Cut and glue two smaller rectangles to one side of the display, they'll be the shelves.

Step 5: To Displa the Clothes

The other side of the display will have some bars to hang clothes.
Cut the cotton part of the qtip. Discard.

Cut the stick into 2 pieces of 2cm

Cut 2 pieces of .5 cm of the glue stick

Glue that circle of glue stick to the white stick.

Push the stick on its place to pierce the foam board. Then glue it.

Step 6: Make a Hanger

To make the hanger, cut 15 cm of wire

Use the pliers to form a triangle.

Make a hook on one end, twist the other end around the hook.

Step 7: Necklace Display

On the black cardboard, draw the lines as shown in the picture. Cut and fold.

Stick the tabs with hot glue.

Glue a small rock inside to make it more stable

Step 8: Put the Items

Now it's ready for the items. On the side with the shelves you can display shoes, crowns, necklaces and the other side is perfect for purses and clothes.


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