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Lately I've made the exploding box for my husband and I decided to stay creative when it came to his birthday. I made him this matchbox suitcase as an alternative to a birthday card.

This was a really fun project, I enjoyed the fact that I could decorate the miniature suitcase as I liked and I especially enjoyed making the tiny gifts that I put in it.

Step 1: Material and Tools

You will need:

- a matchbox (mine was 5,3 x 3,3 x 1,4 cm)

- paper (colored, scrapbooking)

- a piece of foamiran, eva foam or felt

- glue

- scissors

- pencil

- gifts to put in the suitcase

If you want to make the flag I made, you'll also need:

- white paper

- paper cutter, diameter 1 cm

- color pencils

Step 2: Measure Before You Cut

First cut 2 long stripes, one handle and 24 corner pieces from the foam sheet. My long stripes were 10 x 0,5 cm and the handle was 3 x 0,6 cm. The corner pieces should have one right angle and they are typically round on the other side. (photo 1)

Then cut 3 pieces from the colored paper: one bigger rectangle to cover the outside of the box and two smaller rectangles to cover the sides of the inside. (photo 2)

Step 3: Get Glueing!

Glue the two smaller rectangles to the shorter sides of the inside part of the box. (photo 1)

Cover the outside of the box with the bigger rectangle. (photo 2)

Then glue the corner pieces in all corners. You will need 3 pieces for each corner - use the photos as a guide. (photo 3)

Glue the two long stripes on the suitcase. (photo 4)

And finally the handle. If you're working with foam, shape it with your fingers first. (picture 5)

Step 4: Tag the Flag

Cut out some circles and draw flags in them. (photo 1)

Glue the flags onto the suitcase. (photo 2)

Step 5: Time for Presents!

It's time to fill the suitcase and here are my tips:

- Mini envelope with a message

- A miniature laundry pin with a message

- Tiny bottle with some wine. Is that really wine you ask? Yes, yes it is and one of my favorites - Hibernal 2015 ;-)

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