Introduction: Miniature Food Made From Salt Dough

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Here's a run down of how to make some miniature food out of salt dough perfect for a dolls house.
I'll show you specifically how to make hot cross buns and croissants but once you know the basics you can make anything.

Step 1: Making Salt Dough

Salt dough is made of plain flour, salt and water.
I just got roughly the same amount of flour and salt and added water until it went doughy, but if you want to do things properly then just google a salt dough recipe.
To make everything in the first photo I only used the amount of salt dough you see in my hand here.

I cooked my salt dough on the lowest oven setting - less than Gas Mark 1 - and the smaller pieces only needed about 15 minutes, the larger ones I left in for 30 minutes.
You'll be able to tell when they're done as they should go white and hard and not be squishy in the middle.

Step 2: To Make Hot Cross Buns

To make a batch of hot cross buns roll some salt dough into a ball then flatten it into a rectangle with rounded edges.
Mark out six sections and add thin strips of salt dough for the crosses.
Dab a bit of water on to make them stick.
Then cut out the individual buns.

Step 3: Finish Hot Cross Buns

Once they've been in the oven paint the buns.
The crosses and bases will already be the right colour but add some orangey brown to the tops.
I also painted on a little varnish to look like the glaze.

Note; the salt dough expands slightly in the oven so flat edges don't come out so flat.
To fix this just use some sand paper to file them flat again.
This is something I had to do with the bottoms of the hot cross buns.

Step 4: To Make Croissants

To make a croissant thinly roll some salt dough into a long triangle.
Then roll it up, starting at the wide end, and curve into the right shape.

Step 5: Finish Croissants

Once cooked, paint with a golden brown colour, a little darker on top.

Step 6: Now Make More Food!

I also made scones, shortbread fingers, cupcakes, cookies, plaited bread, turnovers and Belgian buns.
The possibilities are endless, just have a play around with the dough.

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