Introduction: Minimal Card Wallet

Hi guys,this is my first instructable and i want to show you how to make this minimal leather card wallet

lets make it!77


what you need




pen or pencil

awl or a nail


glue for leather

Swelling of the spleen

scissor,cutter or x-acto knife

Step 1: Templat

you need a template or an old card wallet to cut your can disassemble your old card wallet,search internet or make your own design.

if you want to design your own card wallet follow our steps:

put your credit card in a piece of paper and draw around your card whit 5mm gap.then cut it,this is your template .make two pieces of that and Oblique cut.

if you want to be sure that your template is ok make a model of your template.

i dont have any photo from Oblique part.

Step 2: Cutting

put your template on a piece of leather and cut it cut two pieces of first template and one of second template

Step 3: Gluing

first glue three parts and then stick them together.

Step 4: Punching

you can stick parts then punch holes or first punch holes then glue.

i prefer to stick parts then punch,because its easy and clear .

i dont take picture from this step,but you must mark your holes place and and punch them with awl or a nail.

Step 5: Sewing

thread you needles and sew leather.there are different type of sewing but i prefer double needle sewing,because its easy and clear.

if you dont know hoe to sew leather,you can search in internet and you tube.

Step 6: Finish

enjoy your new card holder.

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