Introduction: Minimalist Recycled Wallet

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When I first saw the Omega Wallet, I thought it was the coolest and best idea ever. Being a young person and seeing that I don't have the money to buy such a handsome and durable wallet, I decided to make my own. I saw an instructable on how to make a wallet out of recycled plastic bottles, and I really liked the idea. I wanted to merge the two ideas and make an easy, affordable, recycled, minimalist wallet.

Step 1: Materials

Plastic bottle(s)
Rubber bands (preferably matching in tension)


Other materials like
Stronger plastic
Metal scraps

I did plastic bottles because of how simple and easy it is

Step 2: Tools

Sharpie pen (thin tip)
A credit / debit card

Step 3: Cut Bottles

This step isn't needed, but it does make for an easier time with cutting the plastic.

Step 4: Trace Card

Take the credit or debit card and use the sharpie to trace around the card

Make two of these pieces

Step 5: Cut

Cut out plastic pieces and trim to make it look nice

Step 6: Rubber Bands

I used two rubber bands

Place them parallel to each other so they look like train tracks

You can place them in landscape or portrait position, the way I did it, I called it landscape

Step 7: Done

If the rubber bands make the pieces bend, then just add your cards or cash, and then it should look somewhat like this.

Step 8: Improvements

There are many things you could do to make this wallet better

Different materials (wood, metal, other things) be creative

Thumb hole (cut a half circle like shape on both pieces and therefore making it easier to access certain cards)

Money (make a little money mark. Like a book mark, place it in the fold of the inner most bill so it is easier to access certain bills)

Money (Put the money on the outside where the rubber bands are)

Do cork board, chalk board, white board, metal, wood, cardboard,

Please comment and add suggestions please, first instructable so yeah.

Thank you very much for viewing

Recycled bottle credit goes to: TheBlueChild