Introduction: Minimalist Tube Wallet

If you like minimalist wallets and recycling this is the wallet for you.

This design was inspired by this Kickstarter product with some personal modifications. This wallet can hold around ten credit cards, paper money bills and even small change. The build process is quite easy and the wallet usually last me for a year.

You will need for this project:

- A used 25” bicycle tube (you can use a new one as well, but we are trying to recycle)

- Four plastic credit card size cards, it is better to use old cards because they can get some damage in the build process.

- Scissors or/and a utility knife.

- Contact adhesive

- Send paper

Step 1:

We will start by measuring and cutting the desirable length of the tube, it will be approximately the length of three credit card. You can use an unsharpened pencil or a pen to mark the spot.

Step 2:

Now we will fold the strip in two and we will make a small triangular cut in the folded edge. this cut creates the inner section of the wallet(they will hold the paper bills and the small change) . A bigger cut will make a small inner pocket and a small cut can make the pockets uncomfortable to use. Try to mimic the cute from the picture.

Step 3:

Now we cut a one short strip from the tube with a thickness of approximately one centimeter.this strip will be used as a locking strip of the wallet.

Step 4:

We will insert the four cards into the tube. It is a good time to check the edges and maybe perform some adjustment to the edges, in my experience the best length for the card holding side is around 1/3 of the card length. We will insert the locking strip to the wallet and we will use the send paper to rough the surface before we will use the glue.

Step 5:

We will put a layer of the contact adhesive on both sides of the wallet and let is sit for a few minutes. You can check the glue after a few minutes by touching it carefully with your finger, it should be dry and a little bit sticky, but it should not stick to your finger. At that moment you can fold the outer sides in and use the lock strip to lock the position. Now you should let the glue work for the night, you can also put something heavy on the wallet.

Step 6:

After the glue cured you can open the wallet and remove the four credit cards and insert your real cards.

That’s all.