Introduction: Minion Batman V Superman Piñata

It's my nephews Superheroes-themed Birthday and I decided to make a Batman vs Superman Piñata.

Step 1:

Start by making ballon paper mache, cutting it into halves and elongate the halves. I used a space heater and hair dryer to speed they drying process.

Step 2:

I used an Oatmeal container to make the Minion goggles. This one had a plastic ring that I was able to pull off and place Saran wrap on top and replace the ring.

Step 3:

I decided to make the two-eyed Minion as Batman and the other as Superman. I made Batman's ears with paper cones and later (not in these pictures) cut them down to side.

Step 4:

I used the core of paper towels to make the arms and butcher paper to make the hands.

Step 5:

I also make Batman's Utility belt from pieces of cardboard.

Step 6:

I wrapped Crape Paper around a cardboard and cut slits every 1/2-1 inch. The last parts are just to apply form the bottom to the top.

Step 7:

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