Introduction: Minion Coin Eating Robot

Minion Coin Eating Robot is a simple and easy yet creative robot to make. You can see the way the robot eats the coin. Maybe you can get saving habits by using the Minion Coin Eating Robot! This project does not require 3D printing but uses a laser cutter. Now let's start making the Minion Robot with step by step instructions.

This page will only explain the hardware setup of the Minion Coin Eating Robot.

Step 1: Check the Part List

Part List

Body, Head, Arms (Laser Cutting)

  • 1 Plywood Plate (3mm thickness, 300mm x 600mm)

Arm-Head Lifting Mechanism (ROBOTIS DREAM)

SPD-3b5 x 2


SPI-1b9 x 2

SPD -2b5

SPO-4PR (Pulley)

SRV-1H/1P x 10




  • OpenCM904C


  • Soft Hammer
  • Super Glue
  • Ruler
  • Glue gun

Step 2: Laser Cutting

The Laser Cutting layout for boxes (head, body, arms) is attached below.

Step 3: Assemble Body, Arm, and Head

Assemble the Body, arm, and head of the Minion Robot using the soft hammer.

The video shows how to assemble the parts using the soft hammer.

For the Body part, make sure you skip assembling the right side of the box as shown in the image. We will assemble this at the very last (right before putting the skins on top of the box).

Step 4: Attach the DYNAMIXEL Supporting Plate to the Body of the Minion Robot

Attach the DYNAMIXEL supporting plate to the body of the Minion Robot using a glue gun.

Mark the position of the plate using the pencil before you attache it.

Position: 41mm below the top of the plate

Step 5: Mark the Position of the DYNAMIXEL on the Supporting Plate

Step 6: Glue the Top and Bottom Parts of the Arms and Body-arm Linkage

Step 7: Arm Lifting Mechanism 1

  1. Use two SRV-1H/1P to connect SPO-4PR and SPD-2b5.
  2. Use a glue gun to attach the step 1 (above) to DYNAMIXEL XL330. (Please attach it as the image shows)

Step 8: Arm Lifting Mechanism 2

  1. Connect SPI-1b9 to SPI-2b5 from Arm Lifting Mechanism 1 (previous step) using the SRV-1H/1P
  2. Connect another SPI-1b9 to the above step

Step 9: Arm Lifting Mechanism - Connection to Head

  1. Connect 2 SPD-3b5, 1 SPI-1b6 to previous step using SRV-1H/1P

Step 10: Attach DYNMIXEL XL330 to the Supporting Flat Use a Glue Gun

Step 11: Attach Body-Arm Linkage to the DYNAMIXEL XL330 Using a Glue Gun

Step 12: Attach Arm to the Body-Arm Linkage Using a Glue Gun

Step 13: Attach the "connection to Head" to Inside of the Minion Robot Head

Step 14: Attach Two Joints at the Back of the Head and Body of the Minion Robot

Step 15: Check If the Arm and the Head Is Moving As Intended (When Arm Goes Up the Mouth Opens)

Step 16: Finish Assembling the Body - Assemble the Right Side of the Box Using Soft Hammer

Step 17: Print and Cut Minion Skin

Additional tools are required.

Printer, Scissors, Ruler, Boxcutter

Skins are attached as PDF files.

Step 18: Glue Eyes, Mouth, and Pocket on the Face, and Front Side of the Body. Fold the Skins and Attach Them on the Box.

Additional Tools: Glue stick and Double-sided Tape

Step 19: Connect Controller to DYNAMIXEL XL330 and Attach the Controller at the Back of the Minion