Minion Costume

Introduction: Minion Costume

So I grabbed some free banana boxes from Costco, and cut my Croc's in half. really makes the minion thing a lot funnier.

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Stephen LEE
Stephen LEE

4 years ago

Wow!! You have fun with the minion costume.

DIY Hacks and How Tos

That is hilarious! Can you post more details about how you put it all together. I am sure that a lot of people will want to make this.


Reply 5 years ago

Definitely. I wish I had done steps, it was an after thought to post here. I'll put together a decent step guide later tonight.


Reply 4 years ago

Sorry, totally forgot about replying.

The glasses are two rims from Mason jars. I used one aluminum rivet to join them, the used 1" elastic to hold them on. I just used a stapler to connect the elastic.

The overalls are two pairs of paints. I cut the ass out of one pair, and sewed it to the front of another pair. I cut strips from the rest of the pants to make straps. A 1/2" electrical pipe clamp was used to connect them.

The front half of the croc's were cut off and bolted to the top of the box. Then I cut holes in the top of the box for my legs to go through.

Thats it.....Minion in under a hour.