Introduction: Minion Costume

We went to Universal Studios in Florida and I loved the Minion characters wandering around. I found a Minion costume here on instructables and drew some inspiration from it.

Step 1: Made the Top of the Head

Made the top of the head by covering an exercise ball with card stock and duck tape. I then cut it intro strips and traced them onto the foam. I glued them together using Barge cement.

Step 2: The Goggles

The goggles are made out of foam, covered in Rondo (Bondo with Resin) and then sanded multiple times and spray painted metallic silver. The rivet looking bumps are just craft jewels that I found at the local hobby store. The eyes are clear plexi from hobby store covered in a stretchy fabric with color print outs.

Step 3: The Body

The body is made from Polyethylene - 108x48 - 1/2". It was rolled into a tube and glued. I used 2 lengths of thing PVC Pipe (like a hula-hoop) to keep it round but then glued a heavy piece of card board to the front to flatten it out. It is coated in 4 layers of yellow plasti-dip.

Step 4: The Golf Hat

The golf hat is just a simple "news boy hat" pattern blown up lots of times. The pom-pom is just blue yarn made from a tutorial on youtube about, you guessed it...pom-poms. The cat decided that it was the best place to sleep, and didn't want to give it up.

Step 5: The Sweater and the Shorts

These I just pieced together using some old sheets to get the templates right, and then some more stretchy fabric for the sweater, and broadcloth for the

Step 6: The Final and Accessories

We saw something like this at the neighbors and decided it would look good with the costume, so...