Introduction: Minion Feet Prints

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Follow the new craze!! Minions are soon going to be ruling the world, haven't you heard? These special minions can't be sold! Come now and make your own feet men, So you'll have a memory of when, THE MINIONS TOOK OVER THE WORLD!!

Anyways, cheesy poem over. Learn to make your own minions using your feet. They make great gifts!!

Materials needed:

Paint, Yellow, Blue


Paint Brushes

Google eye, 1 or 2



Hole Punch


Colored Pencils (optional)

Step 1: Paint Your Subject's Foot....AAAH SO DESPICABLE

But, seriously. Just paint the foot, and press it onto a piece of cardstock. I chose green, just my advice/warning is: DONT USE BLUE OR YELLOW. Okay, done. Continue on, my minion.


Make your minion's overalls by painting the top half of the foot blue, including the toes. Make the overall straps. Easy enough.

Step 3: EYE'M WATCHING YOU!! (and Simple Designs!)

Glue a google eye onto your minion's head. Don't use too much glue like I did. Just two small dots will do! Let it dry before being despicable and continuing on. Oh, also draw the arms and feet, if you want before you continue on, and while you are waiting for the eye to dry. Also, don't forget the hair! I chose a hat instead with the Gru logo on it.

Step 4: Write a Cheesy Saying

Write a cheesy saying, if this is a card. I wrote: "You're one in a Minion!!" and had my minion say: "BANANA!!" Cuz, ya know, I can. Draw the goggles, too.

Step 5: PUNCH!!! (hole)

Punch holes all round the edges of the paper. Thread string through the holes as shown. This is hard to explain, but it is basically like sewing. And you're done!! Your new despicable little fella is done!! Thanks for reading, and please post pics of your finished minion!! Enjoy!

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