Introduction: Minion Flashdrive

At our makerspace, a device to house lost flashdriveswas created. All flashdrives do not look alike but they rarely have distinguishing marks.

So I took a plain burgundy flashdrive and looked at it closely. What I saw was a minion. Later I saw a penguin. Now if they looked like a minion or penguin, I wasn't like to lose them but if I did I am pretty sure I would quickly find them and I could give some clear information as to what they looked like.

These flashdrives are the ones that I take away from my home to transport files and as a result, they do not need to have a great capacity. These ones are 4 gb.

Step 1: What You Need to Round Up

Find a flashdrive that has a shape that you can work with.

Minion: In the case of the minion I used Testor paints in yellow and purple.

Sugru is used for the arms and hands. This package was yellow.

The marker is used for make gloves and shoes as well features.

The skewer was useful in fine detail work.

Penguin: In the case of the penguin I used the same type of flashdrive.

I painted the burgundy flashdrive with a black spray paint.

Masking tape

I drew the penguins white areas from address labels.

Scissors for cutting out the white area.

The marker is used for the features.

The Testor yellow paint was used for the beak and the feet.

The scalpel is used to cut the division between the top and bottom of the flashdrive.

Step 2: Painting the Critters

Minion: The top of one flash drive is painted yellow.

The skewer is used to hold the top white the paint dries.

The bottom is painted purple.

The skewer is used to hold the bottom while it dries. I threaded the skewer through the jump drive and then rested it across the rim of a plastic glass.

The straps were not neat enough for me and so i used the skewer tip dipped into the yellow paint and tidied up the straps.

Don't forget the back of the flash drive.

Penguin: I took a cardboard box lined with a plastic bag and wearing plastic glove and sprayed the flashdrive several times.

I covered the interior parts of the flash drive with masking tape before spraying the paint.

Step 3: The Personalities Are Popping Out

Minion: After the painting is done, I used Sugru in yellow to create the arms.

The gloves and feet are made with a marker as well as the features.

Penguin. After the paint is dried again I used the marker for the eyes.

I then cut the white area along the division line.

So here we have the flashdrive and then what it became.

And then this snowman popped up and demanded a flashdrive.

Again he was cut out of an address label.

The same paint was used for his carrot nose and the marker was used for his features.