Introduction: Mint Pearls & Lace Nails

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Is there something more feminine and sexy than lace? I love clothes that have little accents of lace! Today I'll show you how I made this lace and pearls nail design.

Step 1: You'll Need..

Mint nail polish

White nail polish

Transparent nail polish

Lace metal disk

Stamping rubber

Old card

Mini pearls

Strong glue




Cotton swabs

Step 2: Base Color

Paint two layers of the mint nail polish. Let dry between layers. For this design I chose mint green but you can use any other color, just keep a contrast between the base color and the lace color.

Step 3: Net

Now we're going to use the metal disk. Put some nail polish in the net design and use the card in 45º to clean the surface. Put the rubber stamp on it and place it in your nail just covering half of the nail in diagonal. All this has to be fast because the nail polish dries off.

*Clean your disk, card and rubber stamper after each stamp using the cotton with acetone.

Step 4: Lace Border

Do the same with one of the lace borders of the disk. Stamp it right under the net we previously stamped in the nail.

Repeat the steps 3 and 4 in another nail.

Step 5: Clean

Working with metal disks can make our skin get painted, don't worry if this happens. Just grab a cotton swab, put acetone on it and clean your skin.

Step 6: Pearls

It's now time for some pearls. Put some glue in the nail and take the pearls one by one and place them in your nail to cover all the surface of it.

Step 7: Transparent Nail Polish

We're going to protect the 4 nails that don't have pearls with a layer of transparent nail polish. Do it carefully so you don't ruin your lace stamp.

Ready! Just remember to keep a simple outfit to make your nails stand out.

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