Introduction: Minutemen Logo

About: Mechanical engineer, Colorado State University alumni, and member of Alamance Makers Guild.

In the Commonwealth, life is hard. And there's only one group fighting for peace, the Minutemen. They believe everyone has the right to live in peace and provide for themselves.

In honor of their undying American spirit, I'm releasing these design files to help others create more Minutemen projects. The more projects we make, the better we can show our strength to the Brotherhood of Steel invaders. Those hipocritical tin cans believe in peace through an iron fist.

To see what the Brotherhood is up to, check here. Aleator777

Step 1: Find the Logo

A little harder to find than I thought. There were surprisingly no good results on Google. I ended up needing to take a picture of my tv while exploring the Castle.

Hopefully these photos will sniffed out by Google web crawlers soon.

Step 2: Fusion 360

Working with the picture on a sketch plane, I copied it as best I could while compensating for the slight angle of the view. Unfortunately my picture wasn't dead on, but it's close enough.

For laser cutting, I like to export a DXF to AutoCAD where I have my laser cutter profiles saved.

To export as DXF I created a new sketch on the object surface and projected (P) the coin surface into the sketch. Then I right clicked the sketch in the model tree on the left and selected "Save as DXF".

Step 3: DWG

After exporting from Fusion, I now have a nice clean DXF for laser cutting which can also added to other files.

I created the button design to be sewn onto a satchel, but I also have the plain logo to make it easier.

Step 4: Remember

Help the people at a minute's notice.