Introduction: Mirror, Trash to Treasure.

Hello everyone, so i found this mirror on the sidewalk by my home.
It was falling apart but i figured i could salvage it and make it nice.

I sat on it for a while until i think of what to do with it.

Step 1: Tools.

Its all elementary.

Measuring tape.
Box cutter/utility knife.

Step 2:

My appologies, l left out the whole tutorial.

So i cut strips of the first layer of leather about 4 " longer than the frame, this way theres something to grab ahold of to pull tight.
So staple one end with 1 or 2 staples until you see that the leather is lining up nicely with thelength of the frame.
Next i stapled the inside length of the leather starting from the center of the back inside area where the mirror rests.
Then the outside, always starting each side in the middle before stapling the whole way, you want the leather tight and straight.

So i didn't worry about the corner seam seeing i was covering them with the black strips also i didnt have a large enough piece to make one whole leather for this.

Step 3:

So here i started with 1/2 " strips of the black.
I really should have taken more pics.

Ok so for the corners start by stapling 1 or 2 stapled in the back inside corner wrapping it from the inside of the frame around to the outside corners pulling tightly and making sure it looks good to you.
Staple it down.
So then i jumped to 2" strips for the centers of all four sides.

To me it was easier to do it in this order eyeballing the placement for the strips verses measuring them all.

Next i cut 3/4" strips for the areas after the very first corner strip.
Then 11/4" then 13/4".
As you can see they gradually get bigger towards the center.

Last placed the mirror back then the backing and hanger hardware.
Sorry folks, i failed to take pics of that, this was my first Instructabe.

Thanjs for checking it out nonetheless.

Im in the process of making another Instructable so look out.
By the way, if you like the mirror it will be on craigslist, los Angeles.

Thanks again for reading.

Step 4: New Step