Introduction: Misa's Death Note Book Bag

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I needed a Death Note for my Misa Amane cosplay, but the only one I had was Light's propr book. While I love it, I wanted one that looked like Misa's.

When I was designing how I was going to make the book, I decided to make it into a bag, so that it would also be practical.


  • Book Box
  • Masking Tape
  • Scissors
  • Black Spray Paint (If your box doesn't have a glossy base like mine, you can use acrylic paint)
  • White Acrylic Paint (or white gesso)
  • Newspaper (something to protect your work surface)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Misa Death Note Template (I used: ChibiUsagiBaka: Deviantart but it doesn't seem to be available anymore. Another one is kikyo4ever: Deviantart)
  • Or Light's Death Note Font: Death Note Font - Font River
  • Reynolds Freezer Paper (or some sort of paper that paint won’t bleed through)
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Craft Cutting Mat
  • X-acto Knife

If you are turning it into a bag like I am, you will also need:

  • Rope/Fabric/Old Bag Strap etc. (something to use for the strap of your bag
  • Stanley Knife (I found I needed something a little more heavy-duty than my x-acto blade here).

Step 1: Taping Off Pages

Cover the sides of the box in masking tape to protect it from the paint.

Step 2: Spary Painting

In a well-ventalated area, or outside, place newspapers or something down to protect your work surface.

Spray paint the front cover and the spine black, and wait for it to dry.

(I used spray paint as I was painting over a glossy surface and it also wouldn't leave streaks from the paintbrush if I'd used acrylic paint)

Then paint the back cover black, and wait for it to dry

Step 3: Remove Masking Tape

Once the paint is dry, peel off the masking tape.

Step 4: Print Out Template

Print out kikyo4ever's template. I printed out a couple of different sizes so I could work out which one fits my book better.

(While this isn't the exact template I used, It's the closest I found that is still available)

Or Download the Death Note font and write "DEATH NOTE" into word and print out in the size you want.

Step 5: Tracing Template

Trace your template onto the paper that you’re going to use.

(I wouldn’t recommend printing paper as the paint may bleed through). I ended up using contact without taking the backing off as I realised that I had used all my freezer paper

Step 6: Cut Out Template

Using the x-acto knife and cutting board, cut out your template.

(When using acrylic paints I usually gave my projects a day to dry, just to be sure)

Step 7: Securing Template

Attach your template to the box with masking tape.

Step 8: Painting Template

Paint the exposed area white, being careful that you don’t get paint under the template.

I ended up using white Gesso primer as the paint was too transparent.

Take the template off while the paint is still wet, and let it sit until dry.

Step 9: Fixing Up My Mistakes

I've added this section for you all to learn from, in case the same mistake happens to you.


*NOTE: My Gesso did smear underneath the template. However here are instructions on how I fixed it:

I used a damp (very lightly wet) paintbrush to clean up the smearing.

Clearly it still looks a bit dodgy after just using the damp paintbrush.

So after that, I replaced the pieces of the template that I had cut out before over the lettering.

Then I spray painted the front cover again (covering up the edges again with masking tape to keep them clean).

Step 10: Turing Your Book Box Into a Bag

Cut two holes on either side with a Stanley knife, using a rotating motion.

I then cut a piece of rope to the length that I wanted, adding about an inch or two extra.

Then I threaded the ends through the holes and tied it off in a knot.

I was lucky in that my box has a magnet inside the lid so it doesn’t open. However, I doubt it’s that strong. If you like you can attach a clasp like that from a jewellery box with hot glue.