Introduction: Miscellaneous Uses for a Pack of Sugru

About: I am a mechanical engineer, home improvement/DIY/repair guy, and a Maker. I'm part of Omaha Maker Group.

At the end of the Sugru Build Night at Omaha Maker Group, we had a single packet of white remaining. It just so happened that I had an iPhone cable that needed repair - a very common use of Sugru - but that only used about half the pack. And then one of those pet peeves popped up, and I found a use for the rest!

Step 1: Getting Started

Of course, you will want to follow the instructions on the pack of Sugru. Make sure your hands are clean (especially with white!). Make sure the surfaces you are applying the Sugru to are also clean. Knead the Sugru until it is soft. Then use it!

Step 2: The Cable Fix

Probably one of the most-common uses for Sugru is repairing the ends of cables where the insulation has pulled out of the plug. Each end gets a small amount of Sugru - a ball about the size of a small marble should be perfect. I found that flattening this ball into a pancake, then wrapping the pancake around the plug, worked best. Once that is done, simply continue to mold and shape the Sugru until it blends into the plug and the cable. Let cure for 24 hours, and your cable is better than new!

Step 3: Bumper!

The power switch on my monitor happens to be the PERFECT height to get accidentally bumped every. single. time. I reach for a business card or something else on my desk. When the power switches off, my computer then sees only ones monitor, and flips back to single mode, moving all of my windows back to the first screen and requiring a manual repositioning to go back to dual mode once I turn the power back on. UGGH!!! SUGRU TO THE RESCUE! The remaining portion of Sugru was the perfect amount to create a bumper around the switch. I simply formed a small "snake" and attached it as you see in the photo. I found a box neaby that could sit under and support the Sugru as it cured. It sat over the weekend - to be sure that the extra-thick parts would cure fully. The end result is exactly what I needed! I can hit the Sugru bumper all day and never bump the power switch. But if I need to turn off the monitor, there's still plenty of space to reach the button.