Introduction: Miss La Sen Foam Hair Clip Holder

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Miss La Sen is a nice nurse in Sorim story boardgame, Miss La Sen spring rolls and Hi La Sen- Hi Nice Life song

Step 1: Download This Pattern and Print It Out in A3 Size Paper.

Step 2: Trace the Ellipse on the Thick Foam, About 5cm Thick. Cut It Out.

Step 3: Trace Miss La Sen's Head on the Foam and Cut It Out.

Step 4: Cut the 5 Petal Flower and Use the Glue-gun to Glue It Onto the Right Ear.

Step 5: Cut the Foam Headband Out and Glue It Onto the Head

Step 6:

Step 7: Cut the Foam Blue Bow and Glue It Onto the Headband.

Step 8: Cut the Eyes, Cheeks, Mouth and Glue Them Like the Picture

Step 9: Cut the Blue Dress and Glue It Onto the Head

Step 10: Cut the Arms, Shoes

Step 11: Glue Arms, Shoes Onto the Dress

Step 12: Glue Miss La Sen Onto the Ellipse

Step 13: Use a Big Satin Ribbon Roll

Step 14: Cut 3 Ribbon Pieces and Glue Them Onto the Ellipse Holder.

Step 15: Roll at the End of Each Ribbon Piece and Glue It Into a Hole to Keep the Headband.

Step 16: Hang This Hair Clip Holder on the Wall. You Can Poke the Hair Clip, Bow, Headbands...

Step 17: