Introduction: Miss La Sen Glass Paper Roll Lantern

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People often hang many lanterns on the festivals such as the lantern lighting festival, Diwali, Vesak day, the lantern festival, Yuanxiao Festival, and the mid- autumn festival... With this guide, you can make the Miss La Sen glass paper roll lantern.

Step 1: Download This Pattern to Trace on the Art Paper or Foam. Print It in A2 Size Paper.

Step 2: Cut the 2 Brackets on the Foam or Art Paper, Card Board

Step 3: Cut the Sheet to Roll Into the Body of the Lantern. Cut the Ovals on This Sheet.

Step 4: Use the Glass Paper to Glue on the 3 Oval Shapes.

Step 5: The Outside of the Sheet.

Step 6: Place Two Brackets Into a 45 Degree Angle Like the Picture.

Step 7: Roll the Body of the Lantern and Glue the Ends of the Sheet Like the Picture.

You can make the body of lantern into the round or the square as your wish.

Step 8: Cut the Top and the Bottom of the Lantern and Insert the Bottom Into the Body of the Lantern.

Step 9: Punch 4 Holes on the Body of the Lantern to Pierce the Body Into the 2 Brackets.

Step 10: Insert the Top of the Lantern Into the Body. Use the String to Hang This Lantern. You Can Put the Small Electric Light in the Lantern.

Step 11: Download This Pattern and Print It in A4 Size Paper. Cut the Elements on the Art Paper and Glue Them Together.

Step 12: You Can Put Miss La Sen Under the Lantern.