Introduction: Mist Floater Out of Recycled Bottles

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Hi! I wanted to make a floater for my mister and this is what I came up with. I used the stubbiest bottles to be able to fit a 2.5 gallon bucket that I am using but they were still to big. I just ended up crushing the bottles a bit and they fit inside perfect, and they still of course floated. I did size it up into a 5 gallon bucket and it fit just fine in that sized bucket. I used the Tinkercad website to design the carriage for the mister. this is the link for it.


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Step 1: Tips and Tricks

So it was incredibly easy to use Tinkercad to be able to design this floater after getting the hang of the design website. My floater is not the strongest, a bit delicate but if gentle it works just fine and will work perfectly for you. You can use any sized plastic bottles as long as the neck portion that connects to the carriage is 0.9 inches or smaller. If you have a bigger mister you can use the Tinkercad program to redesig my floater for your particular needs or take this concept and design your own floater. I tried making a floater out of 100% recycled materials by using a soda can or plastic bottle. I ran into the issue of them being a bit too flimsy, but I do believe it can be done. If you wish to try this route I would suggest trying to find a bottle or can that fits the mister snug because of the sensor on the mister if it tilts or if you place it too high or too low then you wont get the best mist or mist at all.

Step 2: Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a plant being grown in a liquid nutrient solution. There is various ways of giving the plant the food, but the best way in my opinion and many other hydro enthusiasts is in where the roots are given the most air. More air means healthier plants. This is my first crack at a mister but I have read that its one of the best ways to feed a plant nutrients. The plants roots are basically suspended in the air while being fed the nutrients through the mist. Along with a good timer and a good light source there is no reason to have a great plant. I have also included an airpump with one way valve and stones to supply the liquid nutrients with air that floats up in bubbles and gives the suspended roots area more air to breath, also keeping the water solution from becoming stagnant.

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